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Platinum Invoicing Software - Windows (PC) Generate invoices and print on plain paper. No need to purchase blank invoice paper. One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs. Includes User Guide for Invoicing.
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Manufacturer part number: 425M-WDL

Invoicing Software - Windows (PC)

Invoicing overview summary

One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs.

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All modules come with 90 days free software updates via download, 30 days technical support via email from date of order and include a 300 plus page user guide in PDF format for each module ordered.

The number of Invoices you may create is unlimited as are the number of transactions and or descriptions and comments you may place into each invoice.

The Platinum Invoicing module does not require the Inventory Control module to create and maintain a product master database of items for billing purposes.

Used standalone, no other software is required.                      

  • The AccountPro Invoice software module automatically interfaces with and updates the optional AccountPro Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Equipment Maintenance, Sales Commission and Job Cost modules.
  • Invoice posting details are automatically reflected in the Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory Control module, Equipment Maintenance, Sales Commission and Job Costing modules if installed. These modules may be added at a later date and are not required for the Invoice module to function.
  • Invoice transactions may be entered and printed as item details have been entered, or printed at a later date. Transactions in the invoice/order may be added to, or edited if required, after they have been entered, and reprinted. Reprinting of the invoice/order is required if changes have been made to the invoice/order before posting is allowed.
  • You may also use the invoice software module as billing software for any services you provide.
  • Allows for billings of labor or services rendered, for example labor used in the service, construction or manufacturing industry.
  • Text may be entered into an invoice/order on a line by line bases, or selected from predefined invoice messages. Text may be entered into an invoice/order above, below, or between Line Items (items, products or services you invoice for).
  • Any number of blank lines may be added above, below or between line items or text.
  • Multipage invoices are automatically created if the combined number of line items, and or text, exceed a single invoice page size.
  • Standard & Service Type Invoice Formats are supported.
  • Service Type Invoice formats print subtotals at the bottom of the invoice for... Material, Rental, Other, Subcontract, Labor, Miscellaneous & Freight, with an option to suppress quantities, unit pricing, unit discounts and or line totals on the invoice.
  • Job Location addresses may be predefined by customer in the Accounts Receivable module by Customer ID. Any number of Job Location addresses may be established per customer.
  • Ship To... addresses may be predefined by customer in the Accounts Receivable module by Customer ID. Any number of Ship To... addresses may be established per customer.

Platinum Invoicing Detail Features

Also see Frequently asked questions.

  • The Invoicing software module supports entry of items into the invoice or order not in the main database or inventory.
  • Items may be invoiced without having the Inventory module, or if the Inventory Control module is installed, inventory quantities established. If items are billed for without having inventory quantities established, the inventory stock quantity will show a minus quantity after posting the invoice.
  • Allows for invoicing of non-stock items.
  • Items may be selected for maintenance or entry into an invoice/order from pop-up windows, or by direct entry of the item ID. When making a selection from a pop-up window, only items for the class selected are displayed, making it easier to identify and selecting an item ID if the number of items in the database are numerous.
  • Items may be identified by an Item ID of up to 20 alphanumeric characters and an Item Description up to 45 characters.
  • Item descriptions may be overridden at time of invoicing.
  • Items may use unit pricing to $99,999,999.999999 for each of the 7 levels of pricing, and unit measures from 1 to 999,999.999999
  • A default pricing level may be assigned by customer.
  • Pricing levels may be overridden at time of invoicing.
  • Pricing may be overridden at time of invoicing.
  • Discounts may be applied by Line, Invoice discount or both, and may be calculated as a discount percentage, or fixed discount amount.
  • Line discounts may be given with the option to suppress printing the actual discount amount. A handy feature when applying a discount to suggested selling price and you do not wish to show the applied discount on the invoice (i.e. show as net).
  • A default invoice discount may be set by customer.
  • Customer terms may be printed on the invoice and set as per individual Customer Terms ID.
  • Serial numbers may be entered for automatic tracking in the Inventory Control module.
  • Sales Commission details may be defined by:
    • Item ID
    • Salesperson ID for automatic updating of the Sales Commission module.
  • Facilitates grouping of items by class to control:
    • Inventory
    • Cost of Sales
    • Revenue
    • Tax Rates
    • Item Selection
    • Report & List printing
    • Display in pop-up windows
  • Customers may be selected from dropdowns or by direct entry of a Customer ID.
  • Customers not on file in the Accounts Receivable module may be added on the fly.
  • Global price changes by Product or Item Class is supported.
  • Handles Sales Tax calculations, exemptions by Class, Customer and Territory, State, Province, County, City or Municipality.
  • Calculation of taxes is automatic and are printed on the invoice, broken down by federal, state, province, territory and local tax if applicable.
  • Tax calculations may be turned on or off on a customer by customer and item class by item class bases in addition to turning on or off the tax calculations by state or province.
  • Automatically warns if Customer credit line has been exceeded and by how much.
  • Item messages may be pre-defined (up to 99 lines per message id) by an Item Message ID for items requiring a message, additional description, warranty clauses or warning specific to the item to be printed on the invoice.
  • Text may be printed on the invoice using as many lines of text as required.
  • Text may be printed above, in between, or below items or services invoiced for and may be repeated as often as required on the invoice.

Invoice Item Detail

  • Item details (partial listing) consist of (you may specify the details to be printed on the invoice by selecting an Invoice Line Format):
    • Item ID of up to 20 alphanumeric characters
    • Class ID to 8 alphanumeric characters
    • Category
    • Description up to 45 characters.
    • 7 levels of Unit Pricing to $99,999,999.999999
    • Supports quantity price breaks.
    • Calculates and displays margins for each of the 7 selling levels
    • Unit Measures from 1 to 999,999.999999
    • Unit weight to calculated estimated shipping weight
    • Supplier Catalog number
    • Preferred Vendor ID
    • Cost
    • Alternate Vendor or Supplier ID
    • Alternate Cost
    • Manufacturer ID
    • MRP - Manufacturer Suggested Resell / Retail Price
    • UPC number
    • Item Message ID
    • Item Commission ID
    • Item Commission %
    • Item Royalty
    • Last Sale Date
    • Last Sold By...
    • Last Quantity Sold
    • Last Invoice Number
    • Last Sold Order Number
    • Last Sold to Customer ID

Distribution to General Ledger

  • If the General Ledger is installed, general ledger accounts may be specified for each combination of a Class and State/Province/Territory ID/Municipality, to track Revenue, Cost of Sales and any applicable Value added (VAT) or Sales Taxes as they apply for each of the classifications (categories) and State, Province, Territory, County, City or Municipality combinations.
  • The General Ledger Financial reports will immediately show a full accounting from postings in the Invoicing module and does not require month or period end closings to print up-to-date information.

Invoicing Reports

  • Invoice proofs may be printed on blank paper for, approval, editing or a second copy of the invoice before actual invoices are printed.
  • A list of products in the master file may be sorted in a number of ways before printing.
  • Grouping of items by class.

Printing Invoices

  • Invoices may be printed from the billing software module as the order is completed, or printed at a later date.
  • Pre-defined Item messages (up to 99 lines per message) are printed automatically below the Invoice line Item (or Serial Number line if the item required a serial number) if the Item has an Item message ID associated with it.
  • A pre-defined Invoice Message (unlimited lines per message id) may be printed below the last Invoice Item Line (or Serial Number line if the item required a serial number) if an Invoice Message ID is specified.
  • Has preference settings to print multiple copies of an invoice automatically eliminating the need to do an extra click when printing to select the number of copies, and the need for NCR type invoices.
  • Has default preference settings to allow, for example, the first copy of an invoice to be printed on a color printer for the customer, and the next 3 copies for in house use to be printed on a black and white printer.
  • Pre-printed invoice forms are not required as the program will print an invoice form at the same time invoice details are printed on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
  • Print Serial number on invoice (optional).
  • Generates multi-page invoices automatically if the number of lines exceed the selected invoice page size.

Platinum Invoice Formats

  • Several predefined Invoice Formats are available, each with several Invoice Line Formats.
  • Invoice formats included are layouts to be used on pre-printed 8 1/2 x 11" invoice forms, or blank 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  • Ability to print a Company Logo or Graphic image on Invoice.
  • Print an additional two logos in addition to your company logo on an invoice. For example, a trade logo, association logo, etc.
  • Change logos and logo placement on the invoice as often as required.
  • Each Invoice can handle up to 9,999 Line Items (items, products or services you invoice for).
  • Up to three levels of taxes may be printed at the bottom of the invoice.
  • Taxes (if applicable) are calculated on an item class by item class bases, allowing for different rates, or none, of taxes to be calculated.
  • Taxes may be excluded for specified customers.
  • Service Type Invoice formats have the option to suppress quantities, unit pricing, unit discounts and or line totals turned off, and will print sub-totals at the bottom of the invoice categorized by:
    • Material
    • Rental
    • Sub-Contract
    • Labor
    • Miscellaneous
    • Freight
    • Other

Interface and Update

Use standalone or interface with and automatically update the General Ledger and Job Costing Software if installed.


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Windows 64 bit require AccountPro Platinum versions.
  • Memory: 512MB RAM minimum.
  • Internet connection to download program. Not required to run programs.
  • PDF Reader required to open, read, save and or print the User Guide.
  • This product is available via download only.
  • Pricing and details are subject to change without notice.


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