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FAQ - Equipment Maintenance

A Look at AccountPro Equipment Maintenance Platinum

AccountPro Equipment Maintenance Platinum is a software utility that can be used to operate and manage any maintenance-based business.

This application is part of the ever-popular AccountPro suite of packages, which provide standalone modules that can be purchased separately which optionally work together.  For example, Equipment Maintenance Platinum can be used in conjunction with AccountPro Inventory Module to automatically report and balance stock levels.

This review will focus on Equipment Maintenance Platinum as a standalone application, it will cover the general features, benefits, pros and cons, and it will compare against other market leaders.

What is Equipment Maintenance Software?

Before going into details about Equipment Maintenance Platinum, it is important to explain what exactly this application is for, because many people have misconceptions when it comes to specialist applications.

The need for Computerized Maintenance and Management Systems arose when organizations saw the need to proactively plan equipment maintenance in order to boost production and economy.  This means instead of waiting for equipment failure, servicing is pre-planned and when equipment lifetimes are reached, components can be replaced before failure, as well as accurate records kept on past service histories and other information.

The application delivers a user-experience that is comparable to that of many premium accounting packages.  It offers a great many features that compete with many of the more expensive CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) that are currently available.

Upon first looking at the software, it is apparent that it aims to target businesses that are desperately looking for an affordable solution to equipment maintenance.

Looking at the Competition

AccountPro holds an ace up their sleeve with the significant advantage over other applications in that the price of their packages are currently at $89.95 to $189.95


Equipment Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the program generate a route sequence for servicing of Equipment ... ?
  2. Using the Purchase Order module will it update the Equipment Maintenance module** ... ?
  3. Bill for Labor*** ... ?
  4. Use a different price for service work*** ... ?
  5. Can we display warranty expiry dates* ... ?
  6. Which Printers are supported ... ?
  7. What is a Customer ID ... ?
  8. Does the Invoice module update the Equipment Maintenance module*** ... ?
  9. Why Modular Software ... ?
  10. What is stand alone software ... ?
  11. What are the System Requirements ... ?
  12. What are CSV files ... ?
  13. What are ASCII files ... ?


Can the program generate a route sequence for servicing of Equipment ... ?

Yes the program prints a

  • Service or Maintenance list for workers with efficient address routing
  • and Equipment Locations at the address (optional, leave blank if not used)
    • Service sequence number at address, job or project
    • Job ID
    • Drawing Number
    • Reference
    • Building ID or Location ID
    • Floor
    • Room Number

View Purchases of parts for Equipment** ... ?

view purchase orders for equipment
  • Easely view items purchased for Equipment from the optional Purchase Order Platinum module.
  • Tracks all purchases for a particular part, from which supplier, purchase order number, date and cost for the item.
  • Easely filter the display by
    • Manufacturer
    • Equipment Type
    • Equipment ID
    • Serial number
    • Tag number
    • Year Manufactured
    • Model number
    • Equipment or Vehicle Plate number
    • Customer


Bill for Labor ... ?

If your business or customer requires an Invoice showing labor seperately from material the invoice will print the labor portion including number of hours (if required) on a seperate line and a sub-total for labor at the bottom of the invoice.

Use a different price for service work ... ?

Billings from the invoicing module allows for the selection of pricing (up 7) for a single product.

Some examples:

  1. Best Repeat Customers
  2. Reqular Customers
  3. Contract Extras
  4. Change Order work
  5. Service Work
  6. Contract Clients
  7. Other

Can we display Warranty Expiry Dates ... ?

Warranty expiry dates can be displayed or printed for Equipment or Equipment Parts.

Display of Warranty expiry dates require the Invoicng Platinum and Equipment Maintenance Platinum add-on module.

The display for expiry warranty dates may be filtered by:

  • Equipment ID
  • Equipment Serial number
  • Equipment Tag number
  • Equipment Plate number
  • Part number
  • Warranty Expiry Date Range (from ... to)
  • Customer
  • Manufacturer

Can multiple copies of an invoice be printed ... ?

Using the Platinum Invoicing Software, yes simply set the number of copies to be printed from the preferences menu.

From the preferences menu you may also specify which printer is to be used for the first copy (maybe in color for the customer) and another printer for subsequent copies either for additional customer copies or internal filing.

Predifining how many copies and to which printer the output is to go is a great time saver as the user only has to click the print button.

Which Printers are supported ... ?

Can we use our Dot Matrix Printer?

AccountPro modules will print to any printer supported by the version of Microsoft windows (see System Requirements) you have installed.

Does the Invoice module update the Equipment Maintenance module ... ?

The Invoicing program allows for an Equipment ID to be selected to indicate the invoice is for parts and or service of the equipment.

Why Modular Software ... ?

  1. Modular software allows you to purchase only the module or modules you need.
  2. All-in-one software packages are often very limited in the amount of details they provide. For example, the Platinum Invoicing Software provides for seven price levels. In the Accounts Receivable module each Customer may be assigned one of these pricing levels.
    1. Customer A may get pricing level 1
    2. while Customer B gets pricing level 5.
    3. Setting the pricing level to 0 for a customer will allow a custom price to be entered at the time the invoice details are entered for this customer.
  3. Any module may be purchased and run as a standalone module without the need for any other software, or additional Platinum Software modules.
  4. Many companies are already using an all-in-one accounting package but may find that one area of the package does not totally fulfill their needs. This is just one example where a standalone software module more specific and detailed may fill that gap.
  5. If multiple Platinum modules are installed, the modules will automatically interface with each other without any special setup.

What is stand alone software ... ?

Standalone as it relates to Platinum software modules means that no other modules are required other than one of Microsoft Windows 10, 8. 7 or XP installed.

What are the System Requirements ... ?

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP.
  • Memory 512mb (preferred 1gb) ram.
  • 50mb free disk space for the first module (varies depending on what is installed), 25mb for each additional module.
  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 800 or better.
  • Internet Connection for software downloads and upgrades (not required to run or install the program).

What are CSV files ... ?

  • CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, sometimes also called Comma Delimited. A CSV file is a specially formatted plain text file which stores spreadsheet or basic database-style information in a very simple format, with one record on each line, and each field within that record separated by a comma.

What are ASCII files ... ?

  • ASCII is the abbreviation for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  • ASCII files are those composed of simple text information with no formatting.
  • ASCII (pronounced askee) is an acronym for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a simple text format that does not use formatting specific to any particular application. Because of this, documents saved as an ASCII (or text file) can be used across all platforms.

Extra optional modules

Optional modules may be installed anytime and do not need to be installed at the time the Equipment Maintenance module is installed.