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Accounts Payable Software
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Accounts Payable Software - (PC)

Platinum Accounts Payable overview summary

Also see Platinum Accounts Payable User Guide Table of Contents & Index.

All modules come with 90 days free software updates via download, 30 days technical support via email from date of order and include a 300 plus page user guide in PDF format for each module ordered.

One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs.

  • The number of Vendor Accounts you may establish is unlimited as are the number of transactions.
  • Payment terms are user definable on a Vendor level.
  • On screen vendor account inquiries include pop-up window selection of vendor accounts for viewing, editing and entry of payables.
  • Vendor Payment and Early Payment Discount Terms may be specified for each Vendor. On entry of a payable, the Accounts Payable program will calculate the payment due and term discount due (early payment) dates based on this information. Both Payment Due Date and Discount Cut-off Date may be overridden at time of entry, or changed, after posting of the payable. There is no need to access each vendor's invoice to activate the early discount calculations. When checks are printed with a user specified check date before or equal the early payment due date, the program will automatically deduct any early payment discounts available.
  • Term discount calculations are based on the check date specified when presented with the print checks menu, and occurs regardless of the actual date the checks are printed.
  • Accounts Payable Term Discounts may be calculated on amounts before or after taxes.
  • Check printing software. Prints checks based on user selectable payable due dates. Override vendor or payable details as required or place vendor on hold.
  • Individual general ledger accounts payable control accounts may be established for each vendor to handle foreign accounts and multiple bank accounts.
  • Payables may be charged to a job (or an unlimited number of jobs) with full control over where costs are posted in the general ledger.

Vendor Details

  • Vendor Master File (partial listing):
    • Vendor ID of up to 12 alphanumeric characters
    • Vendor name or description to 50 characters
    • Contact
      • Name
      • Title
      • Department
      • Phone number
      • Fax number
      • Alternate Fax number
      • Cellular number
      • Residence number
    • General Ledger default payable account
    • Accounts Payable Terms
    • Early Payment Discount Terms (sometimes called early settlement discounts)

Print Checks

  • Check printing. To print checks, simply specify a payable cut-off date for payment, a vendor, or vendor range, and all vendor invoices with a payable due date equal to or earlier than the cut-off date specified will be included in the check run. A proof list may be printed before printing of the actual checks.
  • Based on the specific payment and early payment discount terms specified for each vendor, the program automatically calculates and deducts early payment discounts if applicable.
  • Payable due dates & discount due dates may be changed after the payables have been posted. This allows for greater flexibility of selecting invoices to be included in, or excluded from a check run.
  • The Accounts Payable check writing software module allows for Vendors, or vendor invoices to be placed on hold, which would excluded them from being included in a check run, regardless of payment due date.
  • Various standard off-the-shelf check formats are supported including laser check formats.
  • Handles manual and computer generated checks.
  • Support distribution to multiple general ledger account numbers.

Accounts Payable Reports

  1. To provide management with up-to-date information, all reports may be printed as often as required and are not dependent on month ends or closing of a fiscal period.
  1. Detailed or Summary Accounts Payable aged reports may be printed.
  1. Provides Detailed or Summary Purchase Journals.
  2. Provides Detailed or Summary Disbursement Journals.
  3. A Cash Requirement report may be printed indicating in detail each vendor invoice included in the payment if check(s) were to be printed for the payable due date specified.
  4. Shows discounts available if early payment discounts are offered by a vendor.

Check Formats

Check layout and ordering details

  • Check (sheet) Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Number of checks per page: 1
  • Check Stub location: Top -- 3 1/2" high
  • Check body location: Center or Bottom -- 3 1/2" high
  • Have the MICR code printed at the bottom of the Check body.
  • The location of the printout details (date, amounts etc.) are set from the payroll preferences by the user.
  • If you do not have a supplier who is able to provide you with checks, try you local bank, do a search on the web for Business forms, Checks, Computer forms, etc. You could narrow the search by specifying your Country, State and City.
  • The Platinum Accounts Payable User guide has additional ordering information.


  • A history of Accounts Payable transactions, including disbursements, may be tracked and kept on file for any number of fiscal periods.

Interface and Update

Use standalone or interface with and automatically update the Platinum General Ledger and Job Costing software if installed.


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Internet connection to download program. Not required to run programs.
  • PDF Reader required to open, read, save and or print the User Guide.
  • This product is available via download only.
  • Pricing and details are subject to change without notice.


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