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Canadian Payroll Software 2018

Canadian Payroll 2018 Software
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Manufacturer part number: 440M-WDL

Canadian Payroll 2018 Software overview - Windows (PC)

Also see Platinum Canadian Payroll User Guide Table of Contents & Index.

All modules come with 90 days free software updates via download, 30 days technical support via email from date of order and include a 300 plus page user guide in PDF format for each module ordered.

One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs.

If used as a stand alone software, or multi-user Software, a summary distribution report provides the necessary information required to journalize General Ledger and Job Costing software.

  • Includes payroll update releases for the year 2018.
  • Entry of payroll details may be stopped at any time and completed later.
  • Payroll supports a flexible method for distributing payroll costs and labour hours to the AccountPro, if installed, General Ledger and Job Costing.
  • Time sheets may be entered daily, or at the end of a payroll period. If entered daily, the payroll program will automatically accumulate totals for the applicable payroll period.
  • Canadian Payroll with Job Costing installed is ideal as a construction management software tool. Updating of job costs and hours from the Payroll Software may be done on a daily bases keeping job costs up-to-date.
  • Both the U.S. and Australian Payroll Software may be used conjunction with the Canadian Payroll Software for companies with employees in both the U.S.A. and Canada. Both Software will allow specified general ledger accounts appropriate for each version, including job numbers.
  • If used in conjunction with Job Costing, payroll makes for an ideal construction management software package.
  • Job Costing tracks hours used broken down by job phase in addition to dollar costs.
  • Profiles need to be established only once for employees, deductions and earnings and are used throughout the payroll Software.

Payroll Details

  • The payroll Software handles, on the bases of individual employee specified parameters (all of which may be turned on or off):
    • Automatic calculation of Canadian Statutory Deductions
    • Employment Insurance contributions and deductions
    • Advances
    • Loans
    • Vacation Pay calculation (payout each cheque or accrue, and percentage of specified earnings)
    • Holiday Pay calculation (payout each cheque or accrue, and percentage of specified earnings)
    • Sick Pay calculation (payout each cheque or accrue, and percentage of specified earnings)
  • Employee ID up to 8 alphanumeric characters.
  • Full Employee profile screens including currently defined earning definitions, deductions and benefits, default general ledger distribution accounts (may be overridden at time of payroll timesheet entry), vacation, holiday, sick pay percentages, etc.
  • Supports multiple payroll chequing accounts.

Employee Earning definitions

  • An unlimited number of earning definitions may be defined. Earning types may be defined, for example, as Regular Earnings, Overtime Earnings, Bonus, Commission, Mileage, Living out Allowance, Piece Work, etc.
  • Overtime may be calculated at 1 1/2 time, 2 times regular Earnings, or whatever multiplier is required. You may predefine as many overtime definitions (IDs) as needed.
  • Earning definitions may be specified with respect to taxability, active status, contribute to statutory deductions, contribute to calculation of "Other Deductions", such as, for example, Union Dues, all through user specified Yes/No options.
  • Indicate whether or not the earnings contribute to Vacation Pay, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, etc.

Employee and Employer Payroll Deduction Definitions

In addition to statutory deductions and contributions any number of custom payroll deduction definitions may be established by the user which may be applied to selected or all employees.

  • Flexible deduction definition capabilities keep employee deductions up-to-date in one place, saving you from having to change individual employee records every time deductions change.
  • Establish any number of payroll (staff payroll, field payroll, union payroll, non union payroll, etc.) and union deduction definitions.
  • If used as a Canadian construction payroll Software, contactors will find the automatic deduction capabilities support an unlimited number of deductions within a pay period.
  • Deduction definitions may specify:
    • Specified tax reductions
    • Method of deduction calculation:
      • Fixed amount per pay period
      • Percentage of specified type of earnings
      • Combination of Fixed and Percentage
    • Paid by
      • Employee
      • Employer
      • Specified percentage Employee/Employer
    • Distribution to General Ledger

Payroll Entry

  • Entries into the payroll Software are easy and quick. An Employee ID may be entered directly, or selected from a pop-up window. The default Earning ID, as established in the Employee master file for the selected employee, will be shown and may be selected by simply pressing the Enter key.
  • Multiple Earning Definitions (rates) may be used when entering time for an employee within a single payroll period without limitation to the number of earning definition which may be entered into the payroll period.
  • Multiple Job numbers may be used when entering time for an employee within a single pay period without limitation to the number of job numbers which may be entered into a single payroll period.

Distribution to General Ledger

  • Integration with the General Ledger Software is automatic if installed and saves from repetitive data entry between Software. If the General Ledger Software is not installed, a summary distribution report provides the necessary information required to journalize a general ledger.
  • Flexible distribution options for payroll costs to general ledger accounts may be defaulted to (on an employee by employee bases):
    • A single general ledger account as specified in the employee maintenance screens
    • Pro-rated by percentages up to 4 G/L accounts (plus the credit the payroll chequeing account)
    • As specified at time of payroll timesheet entry

    Note: distribution to the general ledger for accrual of Taxes, E.I., CPP, Advances, Loans, Vacation pay, Statutory and None Statutory deductions etc., are specified in addition to the above and are also specified on an employee by employee bases in the employee master file.

Payroll Distribution to Job Costing

  • If used as a Canadian Construction Payroll Software, integration with the Job Costing Software is automatic if installed and saves from repetitive data entry between Software. If Job Costing is not installed, a summary distribution report provides the necessary information required to journalize to a 3rd party Software.
  • Has the capability to specify the Job-Phase and Job-Sub-Phase to which the labour should be posted on a Job, and whether or not this labour expense is to be posted to the base contract, or an extra, in which case a work or change order may be specified.
  • Postings to the Job Costing Software will retain units (hours) in addition to wages and labour burden
  • Payroll may be entered  on a daily bases and has the capability to update Job Costing on a daily bases without running, or waiting for completion of the payroll period, providing management with update-to-date Job Cost reports at all times.

Payroll Cheque Printing

  • Cheques may be printed for all employees, a range of employees, selected groups, departments, or a single employee.
  • View payroll detail before printing cheques.
  • Payroll cheque stubs provide complete information in a four column format, showing units, hours, earnings, statutory deductions, none-statutory deductions for the payroll period, and year-to-date cumulative totals.
  • Supports continuous form, ink jet and laser format cheques.

Check Formats

Check layout and ordering details

  • Check (sheet) Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Number of checks per page: 1
  • Check Stub location: Top -- 3 1/2" high
  • Check body location: Center or Bottom -- 3 1/2" high
  • Have the MICR code printed at the bottom of the Check body.
  • The location of the printout details (date, amounts etc.) are set from the payroll preferences by the user.
  • If you do not have a suppier who is able to provide you with checks, try you local bank, do a search on the web for Business forms, Checks, Computer forms, etc. You could narrow the search by specifying your Country, State and City.
  • The Canadian Payroll User guide has additional cheque purchasing information.

Payroll Reports

  • To provide management with up-to-date information, all reports may be printed as often as required and are not dependent on month ends or closing of a fiscal period.
  • Details of time sheet entries may be printed for approval, without showing earning totals, by for example, management, a job foreman or supervisor.
  • A detailed earnings report is available before printing cheques, indication such items as regular earnings, overtime earnings, commissions, deductions, taxes employer paid benefits, etc.
  • A preview payroll report ensures accuracy before cheques are printed.
  • A complete summary of distribution to the General ledger.
  • T4 slips, R.O.E. (see Payroll Reporting Software)
  • Employee lists may be sorted and printed by:
    • Employee ID
    • Employee Name
    • S.I.N.
    • Rate Classification
    • Payroll Group
    • Department

Payroll History

  • A history of payroll transactions may be kept on file for any number of payroll periods.

Interface and Update

Use as a standalone module or interface with and automatically update the General Ledger and Job Costing modules if installed.


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Internet connection to download program. Not required to run programs.
  • PDF Reader required to open, read, save and or print the User Guide.
  • This product is available via download only.
  • Pricing and details are subject to change without notice.


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