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Equipment Maintenance Scheduling Software

Platinum Equipment Maintenance recurring tasks may be automatically generated based on user defined intervals (by day, week, month, mileage, hours, etc.) for a specified date range.
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Manufacturer part number: 492M-WDL

Equipment Maintenance & Service Scheduling Software Windows (PC)

 Overview summary

Also see Platinum Equipment Maintenance User Guide Table of Contents & Index.

and FAQ: Equipment Maintenance

All modules come with 90 days free software updates via download, 30 days technical support via email from date of order and include a 300 plus page user guide in PDF format for each module ordered.

One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs.

  • The Platinum Equipment Maintenance and Scheduling program may be used as standalone software allowing you to schedule equipment maintenance details independently from any other accounting software.
  • The equipment you maintain may be your own equipment, equipment rental, a customer's equipment brought in for servicing or, equipment serviced on a job, a shopping mall, industrial site, high rise building, apartment building, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of Equipments the program can contain, nor is there a limit to the number of scheduling and service details.
  • The location of equipment may be specified, such as for example, building, floor, room, drawing number, etc., simplifying the instructions for service employees performing the actual maintenance.
  • If the maintenance schedule is date based, specifying a service frequency interval, starting date and ending date, will automatically add the required number of schedules to the schedule table.
  • As a preventive equipment maintenance program you may automatically generate a number of schedules based on user defined parameters, or add schedules as needed.
  • In/Out status may be used for equipment rental or to indicate if the equipment is out in the field or job site.
  • A Customer may be specified for each Equipment, including a Job number to facilitate retrieving information by Customer or Job, or in case of rental equipment, the location and customer whom rented or leased to.
  • A database is used to select parts or assemblies to be used at a scheduled service date or metered interval (hours or mileage).
  • Use assemblies to specify any number of components to be used for a specific service. Using a single assembly ID will print all required components on the maintenance schedule for the service department, without having to enter and list each component individually.
  • Costing fields for hours worked and dollar amount may be used to track maintenance expenses. Expenses may be broken down into several categories.
  • User defined service types may be used to indicate the type service required, for example, use one service type to indicate a weekly service, another service type for a monthly service, complete overhaul, 100,000 mile service, 1,000 hour service and so on. A single piece of equipment may be assigned multiple service types in the scheduling menu, one for each scheduled service.

Detail Features

The master equipment file contain the following details (details not required may be bypassed):

  • Current Hours as of date
  • Current Mileage as of date
  • Customer ID
  • Date last serviced
  • Equipment ID to 16 characters
  • Equipment Tag to 20 characters
  • Equipment description to 60 characters
  • Equipment type (user defined)
  • In or out of shop or unavailable due to repairs
  • Job Number and Location Details
  • Serial number to 20 characters
  • Status (user defined)
  • User Defined Tag to 20 characters
  • Vehicle ID
  • Vehicle Plate number
  • Vendor ID
  • Service Frequency:
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Semi-Monthly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Twice Annually
    • Annually
    • User Defined
      • Number of intervals
      • Starting date
      • Ending date
    • Hours
    • Mileage
    • Service expiry date

Scheduling Details

  • Different predefined service types may be created for service schedules to identify the type of service to be performed at a sheduled date, hours or milage.
  • Assembly ID (to specify parts required for servicing)
  • The worker assigned to.
  • Customer Purchase order Number
  • Order Number
  • Scheduled Maintenance Date
  • Scheduling Notes
  • Type of maintenance to be performed by specifying a service type, You may also specify:
    • Equipment Location
      • Building ID or Location ID
      • Drawing Number
      • Floor
      • Job ID
      • Reference
      • Room Number
      • Service sequence number on job or project
      • Route (to indicate a route sequence if equipment is located at different addresses or locations within a building)

Work Order

  • Generates Work Orders from Schedules
  • Prints Work Orders
    • Parts (if required)
    • Labor allotted (if required)

Serviced Detail

  • Completed at Date, Hours or Mileage
  • Completed Notes
  • Completed by...
  • Checked by...
  • Checked date
  • Cost Fields available in the workorder:
    • Contract out Repairs
    • Labor Amount
    • Labor Hours
    • Licensing Fees
    • Material
    • Other
    • Rental


  • An Assembly ID may be assigned to each scheduled service to specify parts or components required for each scheduled service.
  • Assemblies may be generated by specifying any number of components for the assembly.
  • An Assembly ID may consists of up to 20 characters.
  • Quantity may be specified for each component or parts within the assembly.

Mileage Tracking

  • Track mileage by MPG
  • Track mileage by L/100km
  • Additional information
    • Driver ID
    • Type of Fuel used. E.g. diesel, regular, premium
    • Cost of Fuel
    • Fuel Fill-up Date
    • Trip Type. E.g., local, long distance
    • Reference
    • Department ID
    • Notes


  • To facilitate equipment tracking equipment details may be retrieved by:
    • Customer number, Equipment number, Job number, Serial Number


  • A number of reports are available indicating equipment scheduling, complete with parts required, notes for the service employee, date completed with notes of maintenance performed, etc.
  • Equipment lists may be sorted by:
    • Customer, Equipment description, Equipment ID, Job Number, Serial Number.

Maintenance History

  •  Details of maintenance history may be kept on file as long as the user requires.


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Internet connection to download program. Not required to run programs.
  • PDF Reader required to open, read, save and or print the User Guide.
  • This product is available via download only.
  • Pricing and details are subject to change without notice.


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